Monday, February 4, 2013

Importing Oracle VM Tempate in OVM Manager 3.1.1

Hello there... lately I have been trying to import the files to into Oracle VM Manager 3.1.1 but had multiple failures. I would like to share the issues what I have faced.

Oracle VM 3x is really different in many ways that its previous 2x versions. At least I can say in terms of Creating Server Pool, storage and importing Oracle VM Template files to OVM Manager 3.1.1.

If we just talk about importing the files, in 2x version of Oracle VM we generally do 
  • unzip the downloaded files (# unzip, This will give us TemplateName1of2.tgz, TemplateName2of2.tgz files.
  • Concatinate the the unzipped files (# cat TemplateName1of2.tgz, TemplateName2of2.tgz > TemplateName.tgz) -- If there is just a singles file we don't need this step.
  • Decompress the file (# tar -xz TemplateName.tgz). This will give us 1 or 2 .img files and a .cfg file.
  • Place the decompressed files to Oracle VM Server, location /OVS/seed_pool. Later we can import the file from Oracle VM Manager.