Friday, June 21, 2013

'No Availability Information' - Error While Booking Order From Depot Repair

We often face error while trying to book order from Depot Repair.

We get below sequence of errors :-
 - No Availability Information
- The item specified is invalid or does not exist in the warehouse you specified. Please enter a valid item-warehouse combination.
   (SQL_CODE=60) (SQLERRM=ORA00060: deadlock detection while waiting for resource
   ORA-06510: PL/SQL: unhandled user-defined exception)

Steps to Reproduce : -
- Create a Repair Order (Error might come if the setup of repair type allows automatically enter and book order, if the item falls under error category)
- If automatically enter and book is not checked for repair type then we follow below setup to book the order.
- Goto Logistics Tab -> Select the line you want to book -> Select the radio button 'Book' and click on Process.
As we book we get below sequence of errors come :-

There are multiple reason that error could come, like :-
 - Item is not assigned to the organization which you have chosen in logistics line.
 - Item is assigned to the organization but status is Inactive or Obsolete.
 - There could be items in Charge Line not interfaced to Order and having item config issue.
Here in our case we can see the item status is Obsolete.
Solution : - Depending on the issue change the config :-
 - Assign the item to the specified organization 
 - Change the item status which is transact-able.
 - Validate if following check of item attribute is checked :-
  • Customer Ordered
  • Customer Orders Enabled
In above case while charge order getting booked it giving the error as above item attributes were not set.
Note :- I have seen one more case where when I try to book the charge line it was failing even if the item attributes are set properly at organization level which is setup at responsibility level. Later I found that the Order Type config has default Warehouse configured and in my case it was picking the default Warehouse organization and validating the config. Still not sure why its happening.

In our case we changed the status back to Active. Once update is done try to interface again with Order Management.
Now we can see the order is booked and ready to be transacted.

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