Sunday, January 26, 2014

Accessing Approval Management Engine (AME)

Accessing Approval Management Engine (AME) is not possible as we access other responsibility / functions in Oracle Applications like Order Management / Application Developer etc.

AME is controlled by RBAC (Role Based Access Control). So in this case even you assign responsibility to the user but if user don't have the appropriate roles then you will not be able to access Approval Management functions.

There are two seeded responsibility for AME :-
  • Approvals Management Administrator
  • Approvals Management Business Analyst
Let's assign the responsibility directly to user and see what happens.

Service Contract Setup - Part : 8

Contract Approvals

Contract Approval is one of the most important setups. It determines who will the approver of the contract and upon successful approval only a contract become Active and entitled to offer service to customer. Prior to R12 contract approval is determined through a profile option 'OKC: Contract Approver'.

But in R12 the standard contract approval workflow integrated with Approval Management Engine (AME) to control and run the approval process. Key attributes are integrated in AME for Service Contracts. Below list provides bunch of service contract seeded attributes available in AME. If required you can create your own attributes as well.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Understanding Oracle Apps Form Personalization

Form Personalization is a feature in Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 onwards that allows you to change the behavior of Forms-based screens. Prior to this release if we need to change the behavior of Oracle Forms we need to change the "custom.pll". That's indeed requires lot of effort and time compared to Forms Personalization which gives you a interactive user interface to implement the changes needed on the forms.

With the help of Form Personalization we can change properties of form, executing built-ins functions, display custom messages, add menu entries to call another forms, add rules, conditions and actions.

To open form personalization go to Help -> Diagnostics -> Custom Code -> Personalize