Saturday, August 9, 2014


Oracle Inventory provides complete serial number support for inventory transactions. We can enable serial number control for specific items in your inventory organization. For items under serial number control, we assign unique serial numbers to individual units and thereafter reference the same serial numbers each time you perform material transactions
There are various level of serialization control Oracle Inventory provides. If we query mtl_system_items_b.serial_number_control_code it provides items serialization status. Here they are…
Serialization Code
No Serial Number Control
Predefined Serial Numbers
Dynamic Entry at Inventory Receipt
Dynamic Entry at Sales Order Issue.

There are two ways to go for its, Functional way or Technical Way.. lets see first Functional Way.
Functional Way :-
  • Login to Oracle Applications
  • Navigate to responsibility – Inventory –> Setup –> Lookups
  • Query for ‘MTL_SERIAL_NUMBER’
Image 454 
Technical Way :-
Just run the following query and it will give you the details :-

SELECT   lookup_type, lookup_code, meaning
    FROM mfg_lookups
   WHERE lookup_type = 'MTL_SERIAL_NUMBER'
ORDER BY lookup_code;

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