Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Generating Serial Numbers

While setting up the serial control of an item If you specified predefined as the serial number control type for an item, you must generate the serial numbers for the item. If you specified entry at inventory receipt or at sales order issue, you can optionally predefine serial numbers for the item. 

The process of generating serial numbers does not assign serial numbers to units in inventory, but reserves specific serial numbers for an item, for later use. When you run the serial generation program, if you have the same serial prefix number across organizations, the concurrent program searches across the organizations, and generates serial numbers using the highest start number across the organizations.
  • Navigate to the Generate Serial Numbers window / All Reports window / Go to View –> Request –> Single Request –> Serial Generation.
Image 472 Image 468
  • Enter Serial Generation in the Name field. The Parameters window opens.
  • Enter an item that is under serial number control.
  • Enter a quantity of serial numbers to define and reserve for the item. The quantity must be a positive integer.
Image 469 Image 470
  • Click Submit to launch the process.

ref - Oracle Inventory User Guide

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