Saturday, December 6, 2014

Error While Creating Customer

I was trying to create customer in my newly imported EBS 12.1.3 and while trying to create the customer I got the below error “Provide a positive integer for minimum customer balance amount or percent when balance amount overdue type is amount or percent respectively
Image 754Image 755 

Troubleshooting Error - FRM-40212: Invalid value for field REFERENCE_NUMBER

While trying to add serial number / instance to service contract we would have often seen this error :-
FRM-40212: Invalid value for field REFERENCE_NUMBER
FRM-40212: Invalid value for field SERIAL_NUMBER’.
There could be many reasons why the error is coming. Lets try to understand what it is and what could be done to resolve this error.
  • Serial / Instance number doesn’t exist => Validate serial in present in Install Base. If its there create the item instance and then try to add.
  • Serial / Instance is in EXPIRED status => Expired serial/instance can not be covered and added, Unexpire the instance and try adding it again. There could be scenario where serial is in status other than EXPIRED but the status is configured to not to allow coverage. Validate the instance status configuration.
 Image 779 Image 780

Friday, December 5, 2014

Error while importing EBS 12.2.4 VM Template / Virtual Appliance

While working on EBS12.2.4 installation on Virtual Box using Oracle Virtual Appliance (.OVA) file, I received an error when I tried to import the Virtual Appliance file. The error was very generic and given me a tuff time to figure out what was the actual cause.
Failed to import appliance D:\EBSTemplates\12.2.4\Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.
Seeking within the archive failed (VERR_TAR_CHKSUM_MISMATCH).
Result Code: VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80BB0005)
Component: Appliance
Interface: IAppliance {3059cf9e-25c7-4f0b-9fa5-3c42e441670b}

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Installing E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4 Oracle VM Template

I was wondering when I will have my first hand’s on E-Business Suite 12.2.4… and here it comes. You can also make this true, just follow these simple steps and you will be there. It will be a fun journey and result will be fruitful.
The entire installation is divided into following sections :-
  • Section 1 – Hardware and Software Pre-requisites
  • Section 2 –  Downloading software and preparation
  • Section 3 –  Importing Virtual Machine
  • Section 4 –  Configuring EBS 12.2.4 Virtual Machine
  • Section 5 –  Usage and Maintenance
Section 1 – Hardware and Software Pre-requisites
I have used my personal laptop to implement this guide and it works fine. My laptop runs on Windows 7, I have used virtual machines inside my Host OS to run EBS 12.2.4 visions instance.

Monday, December 1, 2014

E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4 Oracle VM Template

For those who love to experience latest on E-Business Suite here is the good news… Oracle has released its latest E-Business Suite 12.2.4 on VM Virtual Appliance. That means a preinstalled VISION / PROD environment ready to be used. Isn’t this a great!!!
The Virtual appliances provides full software stack, which includes Oracle Linux 6.5 operating system, Oracle E-Business Suite and additional required technology components.  These can be easily imported into Oracle VM Manager deploy E-Business Suite Linux 64-bit environments on compatible server-class machines running Oracle VM Server OR imported into Oracle VM VirtualBox to create virtual machines on a desktop / laptop. Just logon to and select product pack as Oracle VM templates.
Image 729