Saturday, December 6, 2014

Troubleshooting Error - FRM-40212: Invalid value for field REFERENCE_NUMBER

While trying to add serial number / instance to service contract we would have often seen this error :-
FRM-40212: Invalid value for field REFERENCE_NUMBER
FRM-40212: Invalid value for field SERIAL_NUMBER’.
There could be many reasons why the error is coming. Lets try to understand what it is and what could be done to resolve this error.
  • Serial / Instance number doesn’t exist => Validate serial in present in Install Base. If its there create the item instance and then try to add.
  • Serial / Instance is in EXPIRED status => Expired serial/instance can not be covered and added, Unexpire the instance and try adding it again. There could be scenario where serial is in status other than EXPIRED but the status is configured to not to allow coverage. Validate the instance status configuration.
 Image 779 Image 780

  • Serial / Instance is present in Inventory and owner is Internal Party => Check with serial number current location and owner. If its Internal Customer and location is inventory, change the ownership to contract customer and move it to out of enterprise.
  • Serial / Instance owner and contract owner is not same => If the contract owner and the instance owner is not same, it gives the above error. To resolve this please create a relationship between both the customer at Customer Account level and try again.
See the below example where instance Ownership and contract ownership is not same. After creation customer relationship, it allowed instance to be added to the contract.
- Contract Owner
 Image 761
- Instance Owners
Image 774
- Contract doesn’t allow serial to be added.
Image 763 Image 779
- Associate the customer ‘ABC Utility’ with contract customer ‘ABC Mobility’
Image 767 Image 768Image 769 
- Again try to add the serial to the contract.
Image 770Image 771 Image 772Image 773  
This time system allowed the add the serial number to the contract.
If you don’t want to add the relationship between customer, then we have to pull the details from Serial LOV. Even in this case if you just put the serial in serial_number column and tab out it will show the error. To use this functionality you have to open the serial number LOV and pull the instance details by selecting Level as ‘Item’, Customer Context as ‘ALL’ and passing the item number in Name field.
Image 776Image 777Image 778

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