Monday, February 2, 2015

Define Inventory Organization

Inventory Organization – Inventory organizations are physical or logical entity in the organization hierarchy which tracks the inventory transactions and transaction accounting. These is the place you manages your inventory and perform planning on it. A typical example is a plant or a distribution location.
Let quickly remind our self the structure of the our structure.
Business Group - OAF

Define Inventory Calendar

While we create inventory organization we have to associate calendar to it. This is the inventory calendar that will be used to determine what days this inventory will function, its holidays and exception schedule. There all other function where the calendar is used which is beyond the scope of this discussion.
Navigate to : XX Inventory –> Setup –> Organizations –> Calendars
Image 309

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Employee Creation and User Association

Employee creation is import aspect to access multiple function in oracle application. There could be issue while accessing purchasing / receipt etc. functions.

We can create employee from Purchasing responsibility or from Human Resources responsibility. If HRMS is fully installed on the instance then you can not create employee record from purchasing responsibility.

Let’s see what error will come while accessing purchasing responsibility.
Navigate to : Purchasing Super User –> Setup –> Personnel –> Employees

Image 349_thumbImage 350_thumb

You are not setup as worker

We often get this error while trying to Purchasing / Requisition / Receipts form in purchasing. This error comes because you are not setup as Buyer in Purchasing.
Image 344
To resolve this we need to add you as buyer. But before we proceed with add the resource as buyer, the resource must have a record created in HRMS and associated with user. Please see ‘Employee Creation and User Association’ for further details.

Create Accounting Structure

Accounting structure consists of 3Cs in terms of oracle applications because the structure is completed with below components :-
  • Chart of Account
  • Calendar
  • Currency
1. Chart of Account : The chart of account is the accounting structure in the general ledger of an organization. Before you define the chart of account you should carefully access your business and decide how many segment you are going to have in your structure. The COA provides unique account number which we use to capture day to day transactions and later use those details to determine asset, liability , profit and loss.

In terms of Oracle application the COA is defined by defining Key Flex Field ‘Accounting Structure’. In R12 General Ledger uses two types of KFF for the COA. The Accounting Flexfield and the GL Ledger Flexfield. The Accounting Flexfield is the primary Accounting Flexfield and should be the only key flexfield used to define and update your chart of accounts.

The GL Ledger Flexfield is a copy of the Accounting Flexfield with an added Ledger segment that is created by running the Generate Ledger Flexfield Program. You should never make changes to the GL Ledger Flexfield directly.By doing this you can cause data corruptions. This flexfield is used exclusively for certain General Ledger features, such as Mass Allocations, Recurring Journals and FSG reports.
Lets have a look at a sample account which we are gonna create for our implementation -
Image 249

Create Value Set for Accounting Flexfield

While defining the accounting structure we need to have value set to provide validations. Here we created following Independent value sets for our definition.
Image 120

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Create Legal Entity

Legal Entity – Legal entities are tax reporting entities of an organization. They are the body of the company which complies with legal norms and tax reporting for government agencies. If you have business in multiple regions where legal obligations and tax rules are different, then you need to have multiple legal entities.
Business Group - OAF

Create Primary Ledgers

Ledgers – Ledgers are the financial reporting entity within organization. It is a unique combination of 3 components. In R12 a fourth component is introduced that gives flexibility to control sub ledgers (OM/AR/AP etc.) accounting.
  1. Chart of Account
  2. Currency
  3. Calendar
  4. Sub Ledger Accounting
All the accounting entries are captured in Ledgers. In 11i its called Set of Books having 3 components (Chart of Account, Currency and Calendar).
Business Group - OAF

Friday, January 30, 2015

Create Multi Organization Structure

As we discussed in our last post ‘Multi Organization – An Overview’ we discussed the structure and brief details of multi organization, now its time to take it further and define all of them. The idea is to setup your own structure of business and configure the system so that we get every aspect of it and learn more.
Business Group - OAF

Create Business Group

Business Group – Business Group is an organization which represents the top level entity of an business enterprise. The Business Group generally represent the overall/top level of company and secure employee (Human Resource) information. At this level manage the Job, Grade and Position structure. Any setup of Oracle Application must have atleast one Business Group. Depending on the business needs we may end up having multiple Business Groups, one of the major deciding factor is how the work structure is defined for each company. If its different we have to have multiple Business Groups.
To create Business Group either you need to use Human Resource or Inventory responsibility. I prefer to use Inventory. But before you start creating Business Group, you need to have a location created. To get details to how to create location click here.
Navigation : Inventory –> Setup –> Organizations –> Organization
Image 341

Creating Locations

While we try to create a new Business Group or Inventory organization, before we start it we need to have the location created to use while you create the organization. If its 11i then list becomes bigger and its needed for Legal Entity and Operating Units. With R12 that’s not the case. You have the ability to create address locations while you create the legal entity using Accounting Setup.
Now lets see how to create Inventory Locations.

Navigation – Inventory –> Setup –> Organizations –> Locations
Image 192

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Multi Organization – An Overview

Well when we say multi organization we just take a step back and spend couple minutes to understand an organization. With respect to oracle application an organization is an entity of the business that performs a certain task. It could be a Business Group, Legal Entity, Operating Unit or Inventory Organization. Each has its own function with the business. Let me briefly describe each one of them, hope not taking too much of your time :)
Lets have a look at the hierarchy of Multi Organization structure. We will discuss each briefly.

Business Group - OAF

Friday, January 16, 2015

Setup session timeout in Oracle Applications

We often seen session timeout message and had to login again to continue using the application. This is good with respect to security stand point, but if you are working on development or test environment it really frustrates you some times.
Image 061
To overcome this you can set a profile option “ICX:Session Timeout” at user level to a higher value. Note that values passed in the profile option are considered as minutes.

Image 065

Not able to ship confirm in Vision Instance

Hello there… after installing Vision instance on my personal system I went to try an Order. I was able to book and pick release the order. But when I tried to ship it I got following error :-

Error: Stop M1- Seattle Mfg:Seattle cannot be set to status CLOSED.

Unexpected Error: Error in Routine WSH_NEW_DELIVERY_ACTIONS.setInTransit,  Oracle Error - -29280
ORA-29280: invalid directory path
ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_FILE", line 41
ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_FILE", line 478
ORA-06512: at "APPS.ADS_UTIL_PKG", line 22
ORA-06512: at "APPS.ADS_WSH_DELIVERY_DET_TRG1", line 67
ORA-01403: no data found
ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'APPS.ADS_WSH_DELIVERY_DET_TRG1'