Friday, January 30, 2015

Create Multi Organization Structure

As we discussed in our last post ‘Multi Organization – An Overview’ we discussed the structure and brief details of multi organization, now its time to take it further and define all of them. The idea is to setup your own structure of business and configure the system so that we get every aspect of it and learn more.
Business Group - OAF

In the above screenshot if you see we have created the organization structure as :-
- 1 Business Group
- 3 Ledgers
- 3 Legal Entities
- 3 Operating Unit
- 2 Inventory Organization under each Operating Unit
- 3 Sub Inventories under each Inventory Organization.
Let’s get going.. we will start in the same sequence as we detailed above.
- Create Business Group
- Create Ledgers
- Create Legal Entity
- Create Inventory Organization
- Create Sub Inventories

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