Friday, January 30, 2015

Create Business Group

Business Group – Business Group is an organization which represents the top level entity of an business enterprise. The Business Group generally represent the overall/top level of company and secure employee (Human Resource) information. At this level manage the Job, Grade and Position structure. Any setup of Oracle Application must have atleast one Business Group. Depending on the business needs we may end up having multiple Business Groups, one of the major deciding factor is how the work structure is defined for each company. If its different we have to have multiple Business Groups.
To create Business Group either you need to use Human Resource or Inventory responsibility. I prefer to use Inventory. But before you start creating Business Group, you need to have a location created. To get details to how to create location click here.
Navigation : Inventory –> Setup –> Organizations –> Organization
Image 341

Enter a name for the Business Group. Select an address that you have already created and save the record. The same organization screen used to create Business Group / Operating Unit / Inventory Organization. The differentiator is Organization Classification.
Choose organization classification as ‘Business Group’. Click on Enabled check box and save the record again. Now click on Others button to enter required details for Business Group.
Image 197Image 198
Image 199Image 200
Image 201
Save the record. Now Business Group is created, but before we go to create Ledger and Legal entities we should create few new responsibility and assign some profile options (HR: Security Profile & HR: Business Group) so that when you create Ledger / Legal Entity / Operating Unit, it gets created under correct Business group.
Switch responsibility to System Administrator.
Image 202
Create following responsibilities :-
OAF GL Super User – Replica of General Ledger Super User, used to create Ledger and Legal Entity.
OAF Inventory – Replica of Inventory responsibility, used to create Business Group, Inventory Organization.
Image 189Image 190
Assign the responsibility to the user.
Image 191
Set the profile option HR: Security Profile & HR: Business Group at responsibility level, for both the responsibilities.
Image 204Image 205Image 206Image 207

Next Step :-
Create Ledger
Create Legal Entity

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