Sunday, February 1, 2015

Employee Creation and User Association

Employee creation is import aspect to access multiple function in oracle application. There could be issue while accessing purchasing / receipt etc. functions.

We can create employee from Purchasing responsibility or from Human Resources responsibility. If HRMS is fully installed on the instance then you can not create employee record from purchasing responsibility.

Let’s see what error will come while accessing purchasing responsibility.
Navigate to : Purchasing Super User –> Setup –> Personnel –> Employees

Image 349_thumbImage 350_thumb
Now we see the error. Let move to Human Resources responsibility and try again.
Navigate to Human Resources, Vision Enterprises –> People –> Enter and Maintain
Follow the screen shot and enter required details.

Image 351_thumb
Image 352_thumbImage 353_thumbImage 354_thumbImage 355_thumbImage 357_thumb[3] Now we have the employee record created. Associate the employee with the user.
Navigate to : System Administrator –> Security –> User –> Define
Query (F11) the user and pull the LOV on Person. Select the appropriate user.

Image 358_thumbImage 359_thumbImage 360_thumb


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