Saturday, December 6, 2014

Error While Creating Customer

I was trying to create customer in my newly imported EBS 12.1.3 and while trying to create the customer I got the below error “Provide a positive integer for minimum customer balance amount or percent when balance amount overdue type is amount or percent respectively
Image 754Image 755 
The error was coming because the profile class used while customer is getting created is not setup properly. In my case customer profile ‘DEFAULT’ was used. Navigate to profile class to update the configuration.

Navigation –> Trading Community Manager –> Trading Community –> Customers –> Profile Class

Query profile class which is being used to create the customer. In my case its ‘DEFAULT

Verify that ‘Minimum Customer Balance’ and ‘Minimum Invoice Balance’ is defined and have value in ‘VALUE’ column.
Image 756Image 757 
 Make sure you have defined Minimum Customer Balance and Minimum Invoice Balance for all the currencies that is available for the profile class. Once done try creating the customer again and you should not see the error again.

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  1. Its good you share this post i think errors increase our knowledge more then just reading anything stuff.