Sunday, September 8, 2013

How To Bounce Apache Server in Oracle E-Business R12

Generally in day to days usage of Oracle Apps R12 we came up many issue which is resolved by bouncing Apache Server like :-
 - JSP page not loading
 - Changes in are not appearing after done with personalization
 - Some weird java error.
Its really easy to get this done and not a big mans job any more.

#1 Login to Unix prompt with right privilege that can let you stop and start the services. Source and the environment variable.
login as: invincibleapps
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Enter your PASSWORD:
Last login: Sun Sep  8 17:36:19 2013
You are now pointed to invincibleapps Apps environment
[invincibleapps@dev ~]$ . /d01/appldev/invincibleapps/apps/apps_st/appl/APPSinvincibleapps_dev.env
[invincibleapps@dev ~]$
#2 Move to directory $INST_TOP and go inside admin/scripts
[invincibleapps@dev ~]$ cd $INST_TOP
[invincibleapps@dev ~]$ cd admin/scripts
[invincibleapps@dev scripts]$

#3 Execute the command
[invincibleapps@dev scripts]$ sh stop
[invincibleapps@dev scripts]$ sh start

You are running version 120.7.12010000.2

Starting OPMN managed Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) instance ...
opmnctl: starting opmn managed processes... exiting with status 0

Thats it!!! you are done!!!

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