Friday, December 21, 2012

Oracle Service Contracts - Part-V (Billing a Contract)

Billing Service Contract

There is a concurrent program ‘Service Contract Main Billing Program’ that needed to run to bill the contract. Once we run the program it will interface data to Receivable to generate invoice.

Note – After Service Contract Main Billing program completes service contract will show as Billed in service contract. It does not mean an Invoice is generated. To generate the invoice we need to run Auto Invoice from Receivables.

Service Contract Manager -> View -> Request -> Submit a New Request -> Choose ‘Service Contract Main Billing Program’ form LOV

Contract Number – Input contract number that you want to bill. You can leave other null.
 Upon completion service contract will be showing as billed. 

Point to be noted – The billed amount only shows as $45. The billing schedule is created for 3 years annually. Right now only eligible line is of value $45. Others have interface date in future.

To generate the actual invoice in AR follow the steps.

Choose Responsibility – Receivable Manager
  • Navigate to Interfaces - >AutoInvoice -> Submit a Request
  • Select – Auto Invoice Master Program
Parameters :-
  • Invoice  Source – OKS_CONTRACTS
  • Default Date – SYSDATE
  • Sales Order Number – Contract Number 
Once completed it will generate invoice.To view the invoice details in Service Contract run the below program.

Service Contract Manager -> View -> Request -> Submit a New Request -> Choose ‘Service Contract Fetch Receivables Info for Billing’ form LOV

This will fetch all the invoice details related to service contract and can be view in Service contract form by navigating Tools -> Invoice Details
 OR Navigate to Lines -> Pricing / Product -> Billing -> History

That concludes a cycle of service contract creation to billing. 


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