Sunday, January 20, 2013

Installing E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Vision instance using Oracle VM Templates

Ever since I started working in Oracle application it’s been a dream to have my own environment installed with EBS. It really makes life much easier to learn something new or try some new solutions before proposing to client.

The time I started with EBS it was time of EBS 11i(, which I installed on my system. When I tried for the first time it took me many days because of failures or issues that occurred while installation.

Later R12 is introduced and I tried installing Release 12.0.6, but it’s getting crashed very frequently. I don’t know the reason as I am not a DBA :(. Once I tried with 12.1.1 which is more stable it worked fine. But the time, pain and the pre-requisites in installing makes the task very difficult. Also on a normal Dual Core 3 Ghz, 4GB machine it barely runs. It takes 15-20 mins to start the database and application services. I also tried to have it on Virtual Machine and it worked well but lack of resource forced me to remove it from my system.

Today when world is going gaga over Virtualization and Cloud computing, more over getting a hardware is much more cheaper we can easily have virtualized system installed to work as EBS server. With the evolution of virtualization Oracle went a step further and now providing pre-installed virtual machine templates which really minimize the effort to install and new EBS 12.1.1 / 12.1.3 instance.

There are two methods which I know till date that can be used to have our own Vision Instance (SandBox) using Oracle Virtual Machine Templates (will be referred as VM Templates in this document)

  • Method -1: Installing EBS R12.1.3 using Oracle VM Template with VM Server and VM Manager

The Method-1 also I call it as ‘The Oracle Way’ of using VM template. The process is little exhaustive and more resource consuming than the other method. Please use the below link to check out how to use VM template ‘The Oracle Way

Compared to first method this is less exhaustive and resource consuming on a long run. It also takes less time to have your own Vision instance.

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