Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How To Enable / Disable Forms Personalization Option

Forms Personalization gives great flexibility to execute custom business logic without performing so much of technical work.

To start forms personalization navigate to Help -> Diagnostics -> Custom Code -> Personalize
But many time when we click on personalize it give below error 
"Function is not available for this respnosibility. Change
responsibilities or contact your System Administrator"
To Enable access to forms personalization function we need to set below profile option.
 - Utilities:Diagnostics -> Yes / No
It determines the diagnostics option is enabled for a user / responsibility or site, depending on the level profile option is set.
Navigate to System Administrator -> Profile -> System
Query for your user / responsibility for which you want to provide access.
Set the value to 'Yes' , If you want allow access to forms personalization
Since we change the profile option please change the responsibility so that profile option can come into effect. Now again navigate to Help -> Diagnostics -> Custom Code -> Personalize
This time you will be able to see the forms personalization window opening.
To Disable please set the profile option value as 'No'.

Generally in Development instance we set this at site level to allow all user having access to forms personalization.

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