Sunday, December 15, 2013

Define Serviceable Item

Define Serviceable Item

Defining warranty item is not much different from defining service item. We just need to choose few less attribute and associate it with item BOM.

  • Navigate to Inventory -> Items-> Master Items
  • Choose your master organization. For me its 'Vision Operations'.
  • Enter Name of the Item
  • Enter a description
  • If your organization have already created an item template for service item, apply the template to save time, else follow the details to create it manually.
  • Main Tab
    • Item Type : Choose Item Type (e.g Warranty etc.).
    • Unit Of Measure : Choose a primary UOM. Please note that we setup service as Time UOM like Year / Month not the quantity UOM like Each.
    • Status : Select an item status which is allowed to be used and not obsolete.

  • Inventor Tab
    • Inventory Item
    • Stockable
    • Transactabe
    • Reservable
    • Serial - Select if item is serial controlled. If Yes then select correct attribute when the serial is captured in oracle.
  • Bill Of Material Tab
    • BOM Allowed
  • Costing
    • Costing Enabled
    • CoGS Account
  • Purchasing
    • Purchased
    • Purchasable
    • Allow Description Update
  • Order Management Tab (Select Below Check Boxes)
    • Customer Ordered
    • Customer Orders Enabled
    • Shippable
    • Internal Ordered
    • Internal Orders Enabled
    • OE Transactable
    • Returnable - If you want to enable RMA returns.
  • Invoicing Tab (Select Below Check Boxes)
    • Invoiceable Item
    • Invoice Enabled
  • Service Tab
    • Enabled Contract Coverage - This check determines that a product can be covered under service contract or not.
    • Track In Installed Base - It will be auto selected once you select Enabled Contract Coverage.
    • Enable Defect Tracking - If you want to track the defect for this item then select this check box.
    • Enable Service Billing - Check this box if you want to charge service cost while its repaired and not covered in contact.
    • Billing Type - Select the billing type like, Material / Labor / Expense.
    • Recovered Parts Disposition - Shows that if parts is replaced while service how the defected parts will be recovered and how fast.
  • Save.

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