Saturday, December 7, 2013

Service Contracts Setups - Introduction

Setting up Service Contracts is really interesting and based on your business requirement you need to customized applications. I will take this opportunity to share the detailed steps involved in setting up Service Contract.

All right folks lets start with steps involved in setting up Service Contracts. I am going to categorize setups into two categories:-
  • Mandatory
    • Mapping Time Units of Measure
    • Setting up Statuses and Operations
    • Setting up Categories
    • Defining Roles and Roles Sources
    • Defining Coverage Types
    • Defining Coverage Templates
    • Setting up Service Items in Oracle Inventory
    • Setting Up Contracts Groups
    • Setting Up Autonumbering
    • Setting Up Approval Management Engine (AME)
  • Optional
    • Extending Lookup Codes
    • Defining a Process
    • Defining Quality Assurance Checklist
    • Registering a NEW Source as JTF Object
    • Defining Service Availability
    • Defining Service Cotermination
    • Setting Up Multi-Org Access Control (MOAC)
We will start with mandatory setups in our next section.
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  1. Tauseef... you have posted a great article on service contracts setup. Great man!! you are awesom.e

  2. Thanks mate... still a long way to go.. have to pull so many things from my sleeve and put it on paper..

  3. very useful, thanks for sharing