Saturday, December 7, 2013

Service Contracts Setups - Introduction

Setting up Service Contracts is really interesting and based on your business requirement you need to customized applications. I will take this opportunity to share the detailed steps involved in setting up Service Contract.

All right folks lets start with steps involved in setting up Service Contracts. I am going to categorize setups into two categories:-
  • Mandatory
    • Mapping Time Units of Measure
    • Setting up Statuses and Operations
    • Setting up Categories
    • Defining Roles and Roles Sources
    • Defining Coverage Types
    • Defining Coverage Templates
    • Setting up Service Items in Oracle Inventory
    • Setting Up Contracts Groups
    • Setting Up Autonumbering
    • Setting Up Approval Management Engine (AME)
  • Optional
    • Extending Lookup Codes
    • Defining a Process
    • Defining Quality Assurance Checklist
    • Registering a NEW Source as JTF Object
    • Defining Service Availability
    • Defining Service Cotermination
    • Setting Up Multi-Org Access Control (MOAC)
We will start with mandatory setups in our next section.
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  1. Tauseef... you have posted a great article on service contracts setup. Great man!! you are awesom.e

  2. Thanks mate... still a long way to go.. have to pull so many things from my sleeve and put it on paper..

  3. very useful, thanks for sharing

  4. Hi

    With service contract manager responsibility I couldn't able to find out the navigation like service contract manager > Setup > Service contracts > communication template

    In my system I can see like this

    service contract manager > Setup > contracts >

    But communication template I can't able to find.