Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How To Check Patch Applied In Oracle Applications

In this section we will try to find out if a patch is applied in Oracle Application or not. I believe you all know what a patch and why we use it. Without further delay lets get stared.

There are two ways you can identify if the patch is applied or not.
  • Validation From Application
To validate the patch from Oracle Application please follow the below step :-
  • Navigate to System Administration / System Administrator –> Oracle Application Manager –> Patching and Utilities.
Image 002
  • Enter the Patch Number in Patch filed in search page that opened.
  • Enter additional criteria if you want to.
  • Click on GO.
Image 008
  • You can see the result in bottom section.
Image 009
  • Validation From Database
To validate the patch from Database please follow the below steps :-
  • Login to database using SQL Plus or any other tool like SQL Developer / Toad etc.
  • Run the below query and validate the result.
    select * from ad_bugs
    where bug_number = :pi_patch_number
    Image 010

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