Saturday, November 22, 2014

Service Contracts Import Scope and Limitations

Scope / Possibility :-
  • Bulk import all types of Service contracts (Service / Warranty and Extended Warranty / Subscription / Usage Contracts)
  • Import all type of covered levels (Service / Warranty / Extended Warranty / Subscription / Usage)
  • Import contracts in different status types (Entered, Canceled, Signed, Active, Expired)
  • Import of Sales Person, Contract Administrator at the header level.
  • Import of customer Billing contact at line level.
  • Ability to associate a contract with contract group
  • Import of sales credits for the contract header.
  • Import of only Fully billed of Fully Unbilled contracts.
  • Import of Standard coverage possible.
  • Instantiation of counters for imported contracts
  • Import only Intangible Subscription contracts.
  • Import of header Notes is possible.
Out of Scope / Limitations :-
  • Import of contracts in the status (Terminated, QA Hold).
  • Contract versions will not be imported.
  • Contract Auto-numbering is supported.
  • Importing sales credits at the line level is not possible.
  • Import of attachments is not possible.
  • Importing contracts to multiple groups is not possible.
  • Imported contracts can have a maximum of 3 billing streams.
  • Partially billed contracts cannot be imported.
  • The fully billed imported contracts will not have any billing details (no invoice information).
  • Import of customized coverage is not possible.
  • Import of Fulfillment schedules for tangible subscription is not possible.
  • Import of manual price adjustments is not possible
  • Tax calls will not be made. Tax information should be specified in the interface table
  • Defaulting the attributes from the contract template is not possible
  • Importing lines /sublines to existing service contracts is not possible.
  • Defaulting the Contract group, QA checklist, Approval Work flow from the GCD while importing is not possible.
  • Import of contracts with Sales Order details is not possible.
  • Importing Service contracts with Credit cards is not possible.
  • No flex fields will be imported
  • Billing of new lines/Sublines added to the fully billed contract is not possible.
  • Credit upon termination of fully billed contracts is not possible, because of the lack of billing information.
High Level Process :-
  • Populate interface tables. Apart from the relevant columns that contain contract information, populate a unique batch id  in the batch_id column.
  • Run Service Contracts Import program with batch id, mode, number of workers, commit size as input.
  • Run the program in Validate only mode .
  • Review the output/log file which summarize the successful and failed records.
  • Re-run the Program in Import Mode to get the data into the base tables
  • Review the imported contract in the Authoring Form.
  • Validate the contract by running QA Check.
  • Run the Service Contracts import Purge Program to purge the Successful records.
Following document provides detailed architecture of Service Contract Import Program :- Detailed Architecture of Service Contract Import Program.

Reference :- Oracle Support Doc ID 1057242.1

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